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The Fast Lane?

I read this article, The Day I Stopped Saying Hurry Up | Rachel Macy Staffordjust now and my gut wretched a bit because this could have been me writing.  In the day in age in which everything is met with instant gratification–because let face it, everything can be done on your smartphone anymore–many of us have forgotten how to enjoy life.  Why do we find ourselves living our lives in the fast lane, the wind whipping by and the scenery of our lives but a blur in our periphery?

As I head back to my classroom and my life get busy with life, I want to slow down.  But it will be hard.  Slow is not in my nature because a schedule doesn’t wait, and most of the time I can’t sit still.  But what is the alternative?  Do I want to see my daughters, like Stafford saw hers, emulating my perpetual impatience and growing up believing I don’t have a second to spare for them?

So here it is, August 2013, and I’m making my New Year’s resolution: Breath deeply and slow down to experience rather than rush through life with my family.



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